On-Site Professional Development

The most effective professional development is ongoing and job-embedded – it is personalized and connected directly to one’s teaching responsibilities. Wendy Barden is ready to support a wide range of professional development needs for music educators including: 

  • New learning through 1-hour clinic sessions or half- to full-day workshops
  • Leadership in music curriculum development from planning to implementation
  • Guidance for Music PLCs to focus on student achievement
  • Individual coaching for music-specific challenges.

Dr. Barden will customize any service or topic to your situation, your needs, and the amount of time available – just ask! Here are some of Wendy's most recent workshop topics:

Standards-Based Assessment & Grading in Music

Reporting standards; formative and summative assessment; feedback; achievement levels; multiple opportunities; ensemble/group participation; independent practice; grading.

Measuring Student Growth in Music

Quality common assessments; basic data cycle; item analysis; pre- and post-assessment; PLC and individual data analysis; student learning goals. 

Developing 21st Century Skills in Music

Teacher role and responsibility; connections to music learning; teaching strategies; rubrics and reflection. 

Engaging All Students in the Music Room

Student-teacher relationships; cultural relevancy; motivation theory; behavior; poverty.

Motivating Students Who Don't Seem to Care

Student-teacher relationships; motivation theory; behavior.  

Common Core Literacy Standards

English Language Arts Standards in History/Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects; reading comprehension, vocabulary, writing, speaking and listening in music.

Reading Across All Content Areas

Research; difficulty/complexity; reading comprehension. 

Contact us to inquire about bringing Dr. Barden’s experience and expertise to your school, district or state.